Washable-Fine Filter (PKWF)

The product is suited for applications for removal of dust & other micronic pollutants in air


* Central –Air-conditioning * Ventilation (HVAC ) * Air compressors * Air dryers/ air De- humidifiers * Food Processing * Pharmaceutical Processing * Modern Paint shops * Chemical Processing * Nuclear Power Plants * Gas Turbines * Electronic Industry * Photographic Plants * Computer Installations * Printing house * Cement Mills * Textile Mills



WASHABLE -FINE filter is made in an extended surface configuration.

The product is manufactured from high quality synthetic-non-woven media , fronted by WHITE- HDPE mesh, backed by G.I wire-netting / Aluminum mesh ,stitched together and pleated in piano-accordion format. Filter pack is EPOXY- sealed into flange –type outer casing manufactured from either Galvanized steel or Aluminum sheet. Plates are kept apart by G. I./Aluminium separators. Finished product is fitted with sealing gaskets on the back - side of flange.

All standard models shall be in flange type frames& provided with 4 nos. holes for mounting filter to outer- housing

For any non –standard configuration, please contact us.

Technical Information

EfficiencyInitial pressure DropFinal Pressure DropTest StandardOperative conditions
90 % down to 3 microns 5.0 mm wg
50 pa
17 mm wg
170 pa
EN 779
(EU- 7)
Max 100 0 C & 100 %
Relative Humidity
PKWF-01 508X508X150 850
PKWF-02 508X508X300 1600
PKWF-03 610X610X150 1100
PKWF-04 610X610X300 2100
Please note: In their continuous search for product improvement, Peekay International reserves the right to change above specification without prior notice.

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