About Air Filtration

  • Air filtration is required to separate pollution in the air. The removal of the problem-causing pollutant from the air helps improve the quality of the air.
  • Air has many micro-size particles like dust, pollen, smoke ,dust mites, dust mite allergens, cockroach allergens, mould spore etc.
  • Smallest visible size by naked eyes is 10µ. Thickness of human hair is approx 100µ.
  • About 98% of the pollutants in the air are of sizes smaller that 1 micron, and hence not visible to eye. Size of cigarette smoke is less then 0.3%.
  • In METROPOLITAN CITY there may be about 1 million particles matters of size above 0.5µ. in diameter, where as this number can be about 100 in an operation Theatre.
  • If we can eliminate particular matters bacteria, virus, EHS etc from air, we can get clean auto air.
  • HEPA FILTERS can remove about 99.97% of particles of size 0.3µ.
  • Different types of Air filters are available to obtain required cleanliness of air, depending on its application & utility.
  • If you have any general or technical queries please feel free to contact us.

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