Panel-Rod Filter (PKRD)

PANEL ROD filter is PRE- FILTER suited for applications for removal of dust & other Micronics pollutants in air.


  • Central Air-conditioning
  • Ventilation (HVAC )
  • Air compressors
  • Air dryers/ air De- humidifiers
  • Food Processing
  • Pharmaceutical Processing
  • Modern Paint shops
  • Chemical Processing
  • Nuclear Power Plants
  • Gas Turbines
  • Electronic Industry
  • Photographic Plants
  • Computer Installations
  • Printing house
  • Cement Mills
  • Textile Mills


The product is manufactured from high quality synthetic-non-woven media , backed by white HDPE mesh on both sides, stitched together and held on 7- rods and foam sealed to frame. Frame is manufactured from either Galvanized steel or MS Enameled.

All standard models shall be in CASSET/PANEL frames.

For any non –standard configuration, please contact us.

Technical Information

EfficiencyInitial pressure DropFinal Pressure DropTest StandardOperative conditions
90 %
down to 10 microns
50 pa
10.5 mm wg
100 pa
BS 2831/
Max 100 0 C & 100 % Relative Humidity
CFM, (AT 25 mm WG)
PKRD-01 508X508X50 1650
PKRD-02 610X610X50 2400
PKRD-03 508X508X25 940
PKRD-04 610X610X25 1360

Please note: In their continuous search for product improvement, Peekay International reserves the right to change above specification without prior notice.

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