Hepa Filter (PKHF)

HEPA filter is suited for applications for removal of bacteria, germs, viruses, &other sub-micronic pollutants in air.


* Clean Rooms * Hospital Operating Rooms * Food Processing * Pharmaceutical Processing * Genetic Research * Chemical Processing * Nuclear Power Plants * Electronic Industry * Photographic Plants * Computer Installations * Aerospace Industry



HEPA filter is made in an extended surface configuration.

The product is manufactured from high quality micro- fiber -glass paper combined with corrugated Aluminum separators. The filter pack is bonded to outer casing manufactured from either Galvanized steel or Aluminum sheet

Finished product is fitted with sealing gaskets on  home ac repair and clean air side as well as on air-entry side in all standard models.

All standard models for heating system repair service shall be in panel/casset type frames. For special or flange type frames please contact us.

Technical Information

EfficiencyInitial pressure DropFinal Pressure DropTest StandardOperative conditions
99.97 %
at 0.3 microns
( D O P )
25.4 mm wg
250 pa
50.8 mm wg
500 pa
Fed 209 D(cold)
H 13 to EN 1822
Max 100 0 C & 100 %
Relative Humidity
CFM, (AT 25 mm WG)
PKHF-03 610X610X152 500
PKHF-05 610X610X305 1000
PKHF-07 610X915X152 750
PKHF-08 1220X610X152 1000

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