Peekay International

Peekay International

Peekay International was established in 1992 as a Small Scale industry at Gurgaon (Haryana), India. We manufacture high- quality, world- class air filters

Friday, 13 January 2012 07:26

Disposable Panel Filter

As prefilters for intake, exhaust and recirculating air systems, extending the operational lifetimes of the downstream fine filters.

Friday, 13 January 2012 07:23

Synthetic Pre-Filter

The product is a pre-filter having distinct advantage of low cost, durability and suitability even after repeat cleanings.

Friday, 22 December 2017 00:00

Metal Mesh Filters

Metal Mesh air filters offer a semi-permanent, cleanable air filtration solution, suited for outdoor environments, with integrated EMI shielding capabilities. Metal Mesh filters are ideal for use in harsh environments where rugged, washable and reusable filters are most appropriate. Metal Mesh filters are available in all frame configurations, from roll-formed channels to ultra-thin stamped sheet metal.

Friday, 22 December 2017 00:00

Deep Pleat HEPA Filter

Terminal filtration in both commercial and industrial applications.

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